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Packing Textbooks

We Buy Textbooks and We Pay the Shipping!

After viewing our price quotes, a button labeled, "Create Mailing Label," appears at the bottom of our Textbook Price Quote Page. Clicking that button will generate a free, prepaid shipping label which you can print and affix to your parcel. When we buy your textbooks, we pay the shipping! To view a sample of that label, click here:

Shipping Guidelines

1.) Pack books in box without styrofoam*, or packing materials.
2.) Enclose Textbook Price Quote Chart along with your textbooks.
3.) Affix prepaid label securely to your parcel.
4.) Ship the parcel at any United States Post Office, or any various franchised mail box locations.
5.) No printer available? Click here for alternate shipping instructions: Handwritten Shipping
Processing is quick. Payment is sent to you via US Postal Service Air Mail. That's it! Simple, Fast, Efficient!

Sell Textbooks Online: Helpful Guidelines

Textbook Price Quote Chart: When you viewed our textbook prices on our website, that is called our, "Textbook Price Quote Chart." Remember to print and enclose that, "Textbook Price Quote Chart," with your books! Prices change slightly once a month, and when you sell college textbooks to TextBuyer.Com, this guarantees payment as quoted!

Mini Insurance LabelInsurance: This won't cost you anything and it guarantees safe shipment. However, you must take a moment to fill in the small insurance tag at the post office (pictured to the right), so that the Postal clerk will give you a tracking number. I recommend taking your books to an actual US Post Office, or satellite location, rather than a privately owned, "authorized shipper," because some of the "mail box shipping outlets" may not have those Postal Insurance forms—however, you can still use the prepaid label above, and ship your books without insurance, at your own risk.

Any Questions? Please contact me anytime for same-day response at david@textbuyer.com. This website is proudly presented for the convenience of students, faculty, instructors and all disciplines, as long as you agree that anything you ship to us are your own textbooks, belonging only to you.

*Environmentally conscious: Since we are environmentally conscious, we request you do not use styrofoam peanuts. We don't really like any packing materials used. Newspaper puts black ink on the books, and loose packing material doesn't help too much. We have found that if you pack your books tightly, then they don't slide/bounce around during transit, and have a greater chance in arriving in the same condition you packed them. If there is a bit of space at the top of the box, please see the illustration at the top of this page showing how you can cut the 4 sides that stick up, and squash the top down. That ensures a tight fit.